Wastewater/Oil Removal

Wastewater and Oil Removal

Oil Removal-2FMT's 740 Series OIL GUZZLER cartridge is designed for capturing and absorbing oil from water. It contains an advanced polymer designed to remove oils from water and bond it permanently for disposal. The FMT Guzzler is a perfect choice for environmental wastewater and E&P Produced Water applications. This filter is odor free.


The media in this unique cartridge combines the effects of adsorption and absorption to enhance its oil removal efficiency. This system Incorporates these media into 2.5" OD and 6.25"OD filters engineered with segregating flow chambers and flow barriers to enhance residence time resulting in maximum hydrocarbon holding capacity.

Employed For:

  • Refining and Petrochemical Plant Warehouse Oil Leaks

  • Rotating Equipment Seal Oil Leaks

  • Tank Farm Oil Discharges

  • Concrete Pad Oily Rainwater Runoff

  • Sump Oily Water Collectors

  • Bilge Water

  • Pre-R/O

  • Metal Working Oily Rainwater Storm Sewer Interceptors

  • Highway Oily Water Runoff

  • Water Treatment Plant Oil Pre-Treatment and Oily Water


  • Nuclear Turbine/Pump Oil Binder Unit

  • Onshore and Offshore Produced Water Oil Removal Treatment

  • Drilling Pad Oily Water Treatment

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Emulsion Wastewater Oil Removal

  • Automobile and Bus Parking Lot Oil Leak and Fueling Pad Storm Sewer Interceptors

  • Automobile Repair, Storage, and Maintenance, Oil Leaks and Storm Runoff

  • Carwash Oily Water Treatment

  • Airport Fueling & Storage Pad Hydrocarbon Runoff

One FMT 740 Series OIL GUZZLER is designed to hold more than six (6) liters of oil before reaching a maximum differential pressure of 35 PSI. The built-in flow cutoff mechanism provides a positive indication of change-out time prior to oil breakthrough. The hydrocarbons are permanently bound in the filter media.


A typical wastewater system consists of two vessels employing a particulate filter upstream to protect and extend the life of the downstream oil removal cartridge filter. FMT will test your wastewater sample to determine its free, suspended, or emulsified oil content to establish optimum flow rates and estimate the life of the filter.


With a recommended maximum flow rate of 15 GPM per 6.25" OD filter, the FMT OIL GUZZLER is an optimal solution for eliminating trace oil from water at minimal cost in single pass removal.




Rent a system to test in your facility. We will design a custom solution for your application. FMT's portable design for removal of oil from water wastewater applications. The pump system is designed for onsite wastewater testing at 15 GPM with an air driven diaphragm pump. No control panel or electronic connections required.


Standard Oil/Water Wastewater Systems Data Sheet






oil rmoval-4oil rmoval-4







Oil Removal-2


6.25"D x 35"L Cartridge-Data Sheet

2.50"D x 40"L Cartridge-Data Sheet











Ship, Yacht, and Well Water, Oil, Hydrocarbon, and Chemicals Absorber Filter Element

FMT Yacht Oil Guzzler Data Sheet

FMT Well Water Oil Guzzler Data Sheet



1, 1, 2-Trichloroethane
1, 1-Dichloroethane
1, 1-Dichloroethylene
1, 2, 3-Trichloropropane
1, 2-Dichloroethane
1, 2-Dichloropropane
Carbon Tetrachloride
DBCP- 1, 2-Dibromo-3-Chloropropane
Diedrin Insecticide
Diesel Fuel
Endrin Insecticide
Halogenated Hydrocarbons
Lindane Insecticide
Methylene Chloride
Petroleum Oils
Phenol Compounds
Toluene Compounds
Toxaphene Insecticide



Filtration & Membrane Technology, Inc. offers its “YACHT OIL GUZZLER” cartridge for removing oil in seawater to protect ship, yacht, and well water R/O polymer membrane modules.


The media in this unique cartridge employs a proprietary polymer to absorb oil from seawater.  Incorporating this media into a standard 2.5 inch OD filter allows use of this technology for standard 10” or 20” pre R/O housings.


One 2.5” x 10” “FMT YACHT OIL GUZZLER” is designed to hold One-Half Pint (250 ml.) Of Oil before reaching the maximum differential pressure of 35 PSI. The built in flow shut-off provides a positive indicator that change-out is required prior to any oil bypass.


This 10” guzzler permanently binds 10 times the damaging hydrocarbon volume compared to a 10” carbon filter. Carbon Adsorbs on it's surface employing a physical bond which can also release the Adsorbed oils and chemicals. The FMT Oil Guzzler Absorbs oils and chemicals forming a fixed chemical bond including emulsified oils.


With a recommended maximum flow rate of 1 GPM per 10 inch length for 2.5” OD filter, the “FMT YACHT OIL GUZZLER” cartridge is the optimal solution for removing oil, hydrocarbons, and chemicals from seawater at  minimal cost in a single pass. Employed for over 15 years as an environmental oil-in-water solution.


Install the FMT element in a free filter holder or replace a carbon element. Make sure the element is installed so that it is protected from solids by the particulate filter. Keep the filter in the system or install when in port. Keep an extra element on board and install when you need it.






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