Brine Filtration & Brine Vessels, Chlor-Alkali Process Applications

Filters and Vessels for Hot Saturated Brine

Saturated brine is highly corrosive to most common metals and plastics. FMT supplies ASME Code pressure vessels that reduce the most common corrosion problem: rubber lining penetrations from the baffle, alignment plate, vents, and nozzles. There are no lining penetrations employing this design and FMT incorporates Titanium internals and machined CPVC filter holders. The flow capacity is easily expanded and the design allows for easy maintenance, and access to all internal components. Acid wash and/or backpulse.






Pleated Cartridge Style Filters For Brine Polishing Filtration:

Conventional DOE and 222 End Cap Stick Cartridge Series Filters 99-99.98% Efficiency (Beta Ratio 100-5000) Holds up to 2# Dirt

Platinum 740 Series 226 End Cap Filters (Improved 3MTM 740B Design) 99-99.98% Efficiency (Beta Ratio 100-5000) Holds up to 20# Dirt

Deep Pleat 740 Cartridge 226 End Cap Series Filters 99% Efficiency (Beta Ratio 100) Holds up

to 14# Dirt

Platinum 940 High Surface Area 235 End Cap Series Filters  99.98% Efficiency (Beta Ratio 5000) Holds up to 100# Dirt

Platinum 2040 High Surface Area 235 End Cap Series Filters 99.98% Efficiency (Beta Ratio 5000) Holds up to 300# Dirt




































Backwashable Filter Systems:


Filter Vessels, Filter Cartridges, and Replacement Systems For Chlor-Alkali Plants Replacing Pre-Coat Systems, Completion Fluid DE Elimination, and Catalyst Recovery. Pilot System Shown Below For Off site/Onsite Testing.


Custom Sized Backwashable Cartridge Style Filter Systems And Retrofits Available With Glass Fiber, Cellulose, And Polyester Media With Machined CPVC Support Components When Required. Solids Are Recovered Dry Without Waste Washwater Or Waste Solvent. Lab Testing, Lab Sized Test Units, Retrofits, And Engineered Systems Scaled To Size For Your Project.


















Rental Of Chlor-Alkali Brine Filter Vessels:


Skidded Filter Vessel Systems, Pleated Filter Cartridges, And Pleated Bag Filters Down To 0.5 Micron Absolute Rated @ 99.98% Efficiency Are Available For Rent During Plant Startup's, Upsets Or Systems Upgrades For Hot Brine Polishing Systems In Chlor-Alkali Plants. Vessels And Piping Are Fluoropolymer Coated To Protect Vessels/Piping And To Protect Downstream Ion-Exchange And Electrolyzer Systems.


Duplex Systems Offering Continuous Operation Are Available With Each Skid Unit With Flow Rates Up To 500 GPM Per Side Or 1000 GPM Running Both Sides. Dual, Duplex ASME Code Skid Systems With A Pre-Filter Skid and Polishing Filter Skid Offering Up To 500 GPM Continuous Flow Are Available. Lab Testing For Influent/Effluent TSS, PSD, And Turbidity Are Available.












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