Coalescers, Liquid/Gas, Liquid/Liquid, Gas Particulate

High Efficiency Coalescers


FMT High Efficiency Coalescer Elements have been engineered and constructed to provide superior high efficiency sub-micron liquid aerosol coalescence, producing effective separation and removal of liquids from gas streams.

This series of coalescers offers proprietary aerosol interception, liquid coalescence, and liquid drainage layers, co-pleated to ensure a sturdy, high surface area, low pressure drop system.

FMT’s unique micro-fiber media ensures efficient separation of liquid aerosols from gas streams while minimizing fluid retention.




Features/Benefits For Liquid/Gas Coalescers:

•Separation Efficiencies of 99% & 99.98% for Medium and High Efficiency Process Requirements

•Low Pressure Drop Materials/Construction for more Efficient, Cost Effective Liquid Aerosol Separations

•Cost Effective Solutions Allowing Upgrades to Higher Efficiencies at Little or No Cost Increase

•Customized Configurations Available for New and Existing Vessels & Design Requirements to Exceed Stringent Process Design Specifications






Dimensions: 2.75” OD x 1.5” ID x 30” long

Micron Ratings: 0.1 & 0.3 micron @ 99.0% & 99.98%

Replacement For: CC3LG and JPMG-30226 Style Coalescers

3 to 5.25 MMSCFD per element







Dimensions: 4.5” OD x 3.25”, 3.125", or 2.875" ID x 36” long

Micron Ratings: 0.1 & 0.3 micron @ 99.0% & 99.98%

Replacement For: PCHG336, NGGC336 FG336, FG372, PRE003, LGG40, NFF36R, and JPMG-336-R Style Coalescers

7.5 to 15 MMSCFD per element






Dimensions: 6.0” OD x 4” ID x 40” long

Micron Ratings: 0.1 & 0.3 micron @ 99.0% & 99.98%

Replacement For: 604, CS604, and JPMG-536-R, and 640 Style Coalescers

15 to 30 MMSCFD per element






High Efficiency Gas Filters For Compressors And Coalescers


FMT-GAS40 Gas Filter Series Particulate Filters to Protect Coalescers, Compressors, Gas Turbines, Burners, Fuel Gas Systems. 36 or 72 Inch Long, 4.5" OD x Various Inner Diameters, Pleated Microfiber, Various Micron Ratings and Medias.







High Efficiency Liquid/Liquid Coalescers and Vessels





Dimensions: 3.75” OD x 40” long

Micron Ratings: 0.5, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40 micron @ 99.0%

Replacement For: LCS2H1HAH, LCS4HAH, LSS2F1H, LCY2Y2YJ, LCS2ELBH, LCS4ELBH, JPMP 40340-5-V-SS, Style Coalescers




High Efficiency Liquid/Gas Coalescers and Vessels






The #5 Locking Cap and Tool are Employed to Remove/Replace Recessed Filters Without Entering the Pressure Vessel. The Stat-O-Seal Gasket is Employed to Gas Seal the 1/2" Support Rod to the End Cap for High Pressure SOE FMT Coalescers. Only Requires 5-7 Ft-Lb's torque to seal.



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