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Fields of Expertise

  • Environmental-Cryptosporidium & Giardia, Oil Removal, Solids Removal, for Water Run-Off Pre-Disposal Treatment, Disposal Wells, Transformer Oil

  • Power-Pre-R/O, Boiler Feed Water, Nuclear Fuel Rod Cutting Swarf Filtration, Nuclear Fuel Rod Cleaning Filtration, Cooling Tower Water Treatment, Discharge to Lakes & Streams, Lube Oil Systems, Disposal Wells

  • Refining-Boiler Feed Water, Amine, Glycol, Scrubbers, Strippers, Catalyst Recovery/Removal, Loading & Unloading, Feed & Product Conditioning, Disposal Wells, Pre-R/O, Water Discharge Oil Removal, Pipeline Pigging, Cooling Towers, Water Re-Use

  • Petrochemicals-Boiler Feed Water, Chlor-Alkali Brine Treatment, Product Polishing, Tank and Rail Car Loading, Off Spec Batch Cleanup, Acids, Caustics, Solvents, Paint, Dyes, Automotive Coatings, Adhesives, Bio-Diesel, Water Re-Use

  • Oil/Gas-Drilling-Exploration/Production-Offshore/Onshore-Pipeline Pigging, Completion Fluids, Produced Water, Water Flooding, Workover Fluids, Kill Fluids, Stimulation Fluids, Packer Fluids, Proppant Fines Removal

  • Food & Pharmaceuticals-Pre-R/O, Boiler Feed Water, Food Oils Removal

  • Medical-Inlet/Outlet Water Systems, Boiler Feed Water, Dialysis Water Supply, Laboratory Reverse Osmosis and Ion Exchange Resin Pre-Filtration Water Systems, Cooling Tower Water System Loops

  • Wineries-Particulates and Water Conditioning Distilleries-Pre-R/O, Boiler Feed Water

  • Brewers-Trap Filtration, Pre-R/O, Boiler Feed Water

  • Pulp & Paper-Intake & Discharge Water, Fine Paper Water Loops, Boiler Feed Water Semiconductors-Cooling Loops, Polishing Loops, Wafer Grinding Water Disposal


Selected Projects

  • Fuels Filtration: Engineered the selection of rental vessel size & type, filter surface area, materials of construction, micron rating, and number of filters required to meet customer feed specifications for over 600,000 gallons of contaminated diesel from six storage tanks required for backup generators for Gainesville Regional Authority, FL


  • Designed Pre-R/O System to Remove Solids and Flavoring Oils Prior to Membranes Designed to Remove Sugars (BOD Loading) Discharging to City Wastewater System


  • Engineered the selection of rental vessel size & type, and filter surface area, materials of construction, micron rating, and number of filters required to meet customer product specifications for contaminated gasoline additive for Chevron


  • Coordinated the selection and design of rubber lined vessels and polishing filter system for Brine Feed Filtration for Chlor-Alkali facilities


  • Coordinated Lab Testing, Rental Vessels and Absorption/Filtration System for PCB cleanup, Grand Rapids, MI


  • Engineered Oil Removal System to Separate Hydrocarbons from Storm Water Runoff from Houston Ship Channel Metal Scrap Yard to Meet Discharge Requirements


  • Coordinated Filtration System for Carbon Fines Removal from Process Water, WI


  • Engineered Solids Removal System For MDI Production, LA

  • Design Solids Removal System to Protect Molecular Sieve For UOP


  • Design Filter and Vessel System Employing Lab Results to Remove Carbon Fines from 50 Weight Motor Oil and Power Steering Fluid for Houston Packager

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