Laboratory and Test Loop Services, Field Test Kits

FMT offers Both In-House or On-Site Fluid Analysis to Provide Custom Engineered Solutions For Specific Fluid- Solid Separation Problems.


A Broad Variety of Tests and Analyses Are Conducted to Ensure Proper Selection Of Filter Media & Efficiency To Produce The Desired Filtrate. The System Designs Are Optimized To Meet Your Cost And Specific Performance Constraints.


The Results of FMT Test Data Have Been Employed For 23 Years To Design Filters And Systems To Meet Client Specifications.




Sampling Techniques Are Critical For Accurate Results: Liquid Sampling Procedure


Full Test Flow Loop

  • 800 GPM Pump Capacity

  • 6" Diameter Piping With Manifolded Full Flow Ball Valves

  • 316 SS Cartridge and Bag Filter Test Vessels

  • Continuously Stirred and Mixed Reactor For Constant Feed Dirt System

  • 1150 Gallon Fluids Tank With 300# Capacity 0.45 Micron Absolute Rated Filtered Feed Clean-Up System

  • Full Instrumentation and Computer Controlled Data Acquisition

Laboratory Services:

  • Filter Dirt Holding Capacity

  • Free Oil Quantitative Analysis

  • Oil Absorption Analysis

  • Media Micron Association and Selection

  • Electrocoagulation

  • Turbidity (NTU)

  • Gravimetric Analysis

  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS)

  • Optical/Digital Particle Counts

  • Particle Size Distributions (PSD)

  • Photomicrographs

Field Test Kits

test kitTest Kits for Field Sampling to Obtain TSS and PSD Results from Dry samples are Sent to the Lab with an Easy-To-Use Portable Kit.


This Reduces or May Eliminate the Need to Send Liquid Samples to the Lab for Analysis.


TSS-The Use of This Test Kit and a Portable Turbidimeter Allow For On-The-Spot Comparisons of an Existing Filter System's Effluent and Feed by Comparing Them Against Liquid Samples Drawn From Sample Ports. The Samples are Forced Through Various Micron Size and Filter Media Discs Supplied With the Kit. Syringes are Employed to Draw and Force the Liquid Samples Through Media Discs. The TSS Discs Are Pre-Weighed and are Dried in a Desiccator/Dryer and Compared to the Current Weight.


PSD-Dried Samples Are Examined By Manual/Computerized Microscopic Particle Counters. Errors From Fluid Bubbles Are Eliminated By Employing Microscopic Analysis

A Calibrated Portable Turbidimeter Can Be Employed as The Fluid Comparison Analyzer.


Portable Turbidimeter

test kit






Employing a Field Test Kit and Turbidimeter Can Reduce Time and Lab Fees for You and Your Customer.




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